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Virtual Properties Realty sup-
ports the Audio-Video Club of
Atlanta through the free use of
their facilities for some of our
meetings. Please support them
for all of your Real Estate
needs in the Atlanta metro area.
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Welcome to our website!
On this Website, you can find out who we are, what's happening next, and info on our past activities. You will be able to read our Forums, Music & Equipment Reviews, and other information of interest to audiophiles. You can sign up to receive meeting announcements and even join the club. If you are not yet a member, there are some web pages you can't see, and you can't participate in Forums and other interactive content.
On this Home Page, you will be able to quickly find out about our next meeting and information about using the website.

Next Meeting

Our May meeting will be somewhat different. Instead of a fixed format, we'll have a number of "portable audio " manufacturers and hobbyists in an informal show setting. Attendees will be able to visit the different tables and listen to the gear provided. Come in at any time between 12N and 5 PM and leave when you wish! There will be a short introduction of the industry reps and hobbyists present at 1:00 PM.
A-VCOA's Portable Audio Jam takes place on Sunday, May 4th from 12N to 5PM, at the Virtual Properties Realty Training Room at 2750 Premier Parkway, Duluth GA 30097. We will be looking at  the latest in “portable” gear which might be used on the road, in flight, in your office, or anywhere you need great sounding music with you! This includes, but is not limited to players, DACs, headphone amps, headphones, IEMs, USB gear, etc. and we'll feature iFi Audio products from Avatar Acoustics as well as several other well known manufacturers! Local high-end emporium Audio Alternative representatives will also be there with a selection of products they carry!

For Meetings Already Scheduled, check the Event Calendar Tab Above
For Possible Future Meetings, check the "Future Meetings?" Tab Above

Local Activities of Interest



For More Info
Atlanta Music Scene on WABE  - Producer: T.J. Anderson Mar, 2014 - Apr, 2014 Click Here
ASO - WABE Broadcast Schedule AVCOA 2013-14 Click Here
Atlanta Music Scene on WABE  - Producer: T.J. Anderson May, 2014 - June, 2014 Click Here
We provide this information as a courtesy to local audio and videophiles. We can not be certain that all of the information is correct and we recommend that you check out the events on your own.
If you have an event that you would like to suggest we show in this space, contact John Morrison via email.

Website Contents
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 MUSIC REVIEWS  Classical & Jazz music reviews for A-VCOA  All
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For questions or clarification, contact John Morrison at