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Welcome to our website!
On this Website, you can find out who we are, what's happening next, and info on our past activities. You will be able to read our Forums, Music & Equipment Reviews, and other information of interest to audiophiles. You can sign up to receive meeting announcements and even join the club. If you are not yet a member, there are some web pages you can't see, and you can't participate in Forums and other interactive content.
On this Home Page, you will be able to quickly find out about our past meeting, next meeting, the one after that, and information about using the website.

Past Meeting Summary

Sunday, October 26
We met at AVR Distributing in Marietta where Al Davis, VP of AVR and Jeff Paiva, the Senior Trainer for Epson America provided us with the most informative audio-for-video and video presentations ever. In fact, many attendees were saying the it was our best video program ever.
Al Davis welcomed us to his facility and talked both extensively and in-depth about how to achieve great surround sound. He discussed most of the different surround setups, advised on speakers, and explained room correction! It was as thorough a schooling on surround sound as one could hope for in less than two hours. He answered everyone's questions completely and thoroughly!
Then it was Jeff's turn and we were blown away by his presentation of the different types of video characteristics of film and digital movies! Jeff normally trains technicians who repair and calibrate Epson projectors, but he proved himself, just like Al to be a great fan of the movies. He shared examples of the different color balances, picture formats, and screen sizes using selected movies. He went on to give us all kinds of tips and tricks for use in our own systems. Truly a great and informative presentation!
See the Minutes and Jeff's notes on the Past Meeting Info page for more information

Next Meeting

Sunday, November 23 at 2 PM at the Dunwoody North Driving Club
Another amazing meeting is scheduled! That is master Speaker Designer, Bill Dudleston, of  Legacy Audio will be demoing his latest and greatest, the new Legacy V and other marvelous creations!! We are also welcoming Lyn Stanley, international Jazz vocalist and recording star direct from LA, hear her SACD/CD's and LP's on Sunday and purchase autographed copies in person... See the Event Page. 
Future Christmas Party
Sunday, December 7th at 3 PM
Once again we'll have our annual Christmas Party at the beautiful home of Tom and Dwana Horner. More to come on the Events Page

For Meetings Already Scheduled, check the Event Calendar Tab Above
For Possible Future Meetings, check the "Future Meetings?" Tab Above

Local Activities of Interest



For More Info
Atlanta Music Scene on WABE  - Producer: T.J. Anderson Sept, 2014 - Nov, 2014 Click Here
Spivey Soiree Series Oct - Dec 2014 Click Here
Peachtree String Quartet Fall Concert PSQ Home Page September 14,2014 Click Here
We provide this information as a courtesy to local audio and videophiles. We can not be certain that all of the information is correct and we recommend that you check out the events on your own.
If you have an event that you would like to suggest we show in this space, contact John Morrison via email.

Website Contents
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