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Interesting Stuff I Found

Interesting Paper on Room Correction
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I found this open access paper on the AES site and thought I’d share a link. If you’re interested in room correction practice and theory, this is a great read.

The Measurement and Calibration of Sound Reproducing Systems

Outcomes of Toole’s research into real world loudspeaker performance in venus of all sizes are consistent with my own (limited) experience, which is pretty cool. Some key findings were that digital room correction can not:

- add or remove reflections
- change reverberation time
- reduce seat-to-seat variations in bass response
- correct frequency dependent directivity in loudspeakers
- compensate for frequency dependent absorption in acoustical materials and furnishings except possibly at low frequencies

Toole also points out that although good sounding steady state response curves have common attributes across different venues and loudspeakers (eg, more energy at low frequencies and gradually rolled off highs), due to limitations in the measurement process, it’s impossible to have a single target curve that works for all systems. Much more data than a few pulse sweep recordings are required to predict idealized response at the listening position for a given system. I have certainly found that to be the case and will publish a blog post soon with a few more details. Cheers and happy listening!

— David
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