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Emotiva XMC-1 Sale
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Thanks Tom.
I know comparing a pre/pro to a preamp sounds like apples and oranges but Emotiva customer care assures me the 2 channel quality of the XMC-1 is very close to the XSP-1. To their credit, they recommended against buying both.
It was the Marantz PM-15S2 integrated amp, original price was $2500.  I plan to sell this soon since I do not need it.
Hi David and Tom -

I'm considering buying the XMC-1 for 2 channel and 5.1. Thanks for the heads up David.

Tom - Sorry I missed the picnic.
I'm planning to replace a Marantz 7701. Which Marantz pre amp did you compare?

Yes, the XSP-1 was a good choice!  Had club members for picnic on Sunday and they all thought it sounded better than the Marantz preamp section.  It also allows me to drive both the powered Stealth 8's (using balanced output) and the Emotiva SA-250 power amp that drives the Maggies (using unbalanced output).  I do not run them both at the same time.  A couple suggested I no longer need the Stealth 8's because the Emotiva "stack" drives the Maggies so well.  Not to that point yet, will live with both pairs of speakers for now.
So, you did decide to pick up the XSP-1. How do you like it so far?

I'll probably buy one or both of the board level upgrade kits for my XMC-1, Gen 2.

I have not looked, but I assume the Gen 3 will have 11.2 outputs for the new height channels that the industry is telling us we need. :-)
This is part of Emotiva's summer sale, which I got XSP-1 preamp for $100 off.  Be sure to look at what is coming next for the XMC-1 (they mention a "Gen 3") to see if you want to wait or not.  Tough choice, with a deal like this!
If you've been on the fence about adding an Emotiva XMC-1 pre/pro to your system, now's a pretty good time. I've had mine for about year and a half and I've been very pleased with its performance (both 2-channel and 5.1) so far. This price probably won't last long.
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