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Reference Tracks

David Snyder

Most of us really enjoy playing music on our systems for follow enthusiasts or anyone we can talk into sitting still in the sweet spot for a few minutes. :)

I realized last night that I really should write down tracks that resonate with me and with visitors and also record the optimal playback volume setting so that I have a handy reference for recreating the experience for future shared listening sessions. To that end, I've created a simple Google Sheet to capture the information and expand over time. I chose Google Sheets because you don't need a computer to update the document...fairly easy to edit from my smartphone.

My next realization was that other folks are probably doing the same thing. If so, it would be interesting to see what tracks my audiophile friends are using to show off their systems since I might enjoy them too. Discovering new music and fellowship is one of the things I value most from A-VCOA membership.

So, if you have a gmail account, you're welcome to have a look at my reference tracks sheet (I'm really just getting started), and I'd love it if you would consider duplicating the template tab, renaming your copy appropriately, and adding some of your own reference track information so that we can all share, learn, and enjoy from each other. Here's the link:

Looking forward to seeing what you guys can add...and it will be a nice way to stay in touch with me out here in California. Cheers.