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Shall I replace my integrated amp now that I have ...
Thomas Horner
A few years ago I bought the Marantz Reference Series PM 15S2 Integrated Amplifier and still use it, but now only as a preamp since about a year ago I bought an Emotiva SA-250 power amp to better drive my Maggie 1.7's.  Emotiva is now selling their XSP-1 "Gen 2" Differential Reference Preamp for $899 ($100 off).  The XSP-1 has all the features I need, and even has balanced inputs (the Marantz does not).
What do others think - shall I replace the Marantz?  I bought the Marantz in late 2010.
Another member (Chuck) reviewed the Marantz in 2011 and said it was a great integrated amp, but now that I am not using the power amp side I wonder if it would be prudent to go to the XSP-1.  I do not want to spend a huge amount of money on a preamp, so I am not looking at others that cost over $2K.