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Equipment For Sale

Denny Meeker System Components Available for Sale
John Morrison
Denny's mother is offering his system components to A-VCOA members at prices discounted from the bluebook values. She would like to see them go to his friends in the club. That way she knows they will be appreciated and used! This offer ends on next Friday at which time they wiil be for sale in the internet (probably Audiogon at bluebook pricers!) Here is a list of available equipment.
Tiff power conditioner TLC-1060
Sota Industries Saphire phonograph Series III w/ Electric Flywheel
REL Storm III subwoofer
Threshold FET ten/pc preamp w/ external power supply
Threshold FET ten/hl preamp w/ external power supply
Creative E-MU 1616m
Benchmark DAC1
Sony SA50ES reciever w/ antenna
Klipsch LSFP speakers x2
If you are interested, contact Nick Arroyo at 678-984-1061.