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Geek Pulse XFI once again has power issues
Thomas Horner
Yesterday our power was cut off while a transformer outside was replaced (with no warning).  This of course meant that the Geek lost power.   Fearing the worse I checked it out last night, and all seemed well - played music right away from my JRiver software for about 30 minutes.  I switched to another album, and suddenly no music.  The JRiver "meter" that shows how long song is and how much remains stays at 0 seconds out of (for example) 3 minutes - the song never really starts playing, almost like some kind of handshake between the Geek and the PC does not happen.

The PC shows the Geek as the audio output device.  I rebooted the PC and while it was off turned the Geek off and on using the back switch.  I did this about four times.  On the third try I barely heard music (heavily muted), but  I switched to a new song, and no sound at all.  I gave up after the fourth try (it was getting late).

When folks have "fixed" this issue with power (including me last year), I read "turn it on and off several times".  First question is should I do this with the computer up and running?  I forgot if I left the computer up when I did this last year.  I will be checking and experimenting further this evening, but any further advice is welcome. 

FYI: I am using a custom power supply built by Sam, but it seems OK.