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Free Teac A-4070 Tape Deck
John Morrison

I have been contacted by a gentleman in Birmingham, Alabama who would like to give away a 1970's vintage Teac 7" tape recorder to someone who will give it a good home. His information follows.

"I have an old Teac A-4070 7 inch reel-to-reel recorder, circa 1971-72, that is still in good shape, at least when I last used it maybe 8-10 years ago.  I had to make a belt for it the last time I used it.  Anyway, I was planning to just dispose of it, but thought that I would try to find it a good home first.  It is not for sale, just a gift to someone who wants it.  If you know of anyone who might want it, they can email me at   If you do not know of anyone, please let me know also.  I live in Birmingham, AL, but could arrange to meet anyone who is interested somewhere near Atlanta.


Thank you,


Don Clemmer"

Don's email address is