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Newbie question about a good CD player vs playing ...
Michael Dean

Currently, I *only* stream music from my PC (Tidal & Pandora) to my system. I have a handful of CDs and have thought about getting more. I have a Sony Blu-Ray player that I can use but it's not been hooked up since the last time I moved my system (2 months ago?). So, not a priority at the moment.

Is there a way the PC will be able to record these CDs to either a local or NAS drive that will sound as good as if I purchased a quality CD player?

1) As much as I'd like to have something like the Oppo 203, spending $550 on a great unit with so few CDs doesn't seem worth it.
2) I'd  probably tend to download hi-res files over buying CDs so the local/NAS drive seems to be a better fit.