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Vinyl Find at a Goodwill Store
Horton McCurdy
I've heard that your local Goodwill store could be a good place to find good used vinyl. I took a chance on a store near me and immediately saw a bin of classical vinyl of about 60 records. I asked the clerk, "How much for the entire bin?", and she replied, "30 dollars". I bought them all sight unseen and took them home to peruse at my leisure.

They were mostly albums from the 50s and 60s as far as I could tell. So far, I've played about half of them only to find to my delight they were in absolute MINT condition. Not a trace of a scratch or blemish anywhere on any of them! Somebody took very good care of these indeed.

I took a chance on just 1 bin, but they had several more bins available. I'm going back this week to get the rest before somebody else discovers my little classical gold mine. :)